Fully Internal “Pop-Action” Pressure Relief Valve for DOT Fork Lift Cylinders


Designed specifically for use as a primary relief valve on forklift
cylinders, the 8545AK reduces the possibility of improper functioning
of the relief mechanism due to foreign material build up. All guides,
springs, stem and adjusting components are located inside the
cylinder - removed from the direct exposure of foreign materials and
debris from the atmosphere.
NFPA Pamphlet #58 requires that:
“All containers used in industrial truck (including forklift truck cylinders)
service shall have the container pressure relief valve replaced by a
new or unused valve within 12 years of the date of manufacture of the
container and each 10 years thereafter.”



Start To Discharge
Setting PSIG
Connection M. NPT
Flow Capacity SCFM/Air** Accessories (Order Separately)
(REGO® Rated at 480 PSIG Protective
45° Elbow 90° Elbow
8545AK Dot 375 ¾” 400* 7545-40 7545-14 7545-12

* Classified by U.L. in accordance with Compressed Gas Association Pamphlet S-1.1 Pressure Device Standards for Cylinders.
Meets requirements for use on DOT containers with 262 pounds or less weight of water or 109 pounds or less of LP-Gas.
** Flow rates are shown for bare relief valves. Adapters and pipeaways will reduce flow as discussed in forewording information.
*** Order protective cap #8545-41 or 7545-40.