FIll-Rite pumps are well known Fuel Transfer pumps that meet your stationary and mobile fuel pump needs.  They have a variety of AC and DC pumps, hand pumps, flow meters and accessories for most applications.

115 VOLT FUEL TRANSFER PUMPS: Ideal for stationary installations.  These products get you the accuracy, durability and reliability that you demand.



12 VOLT FUEL TRANSFER PUMPS: The Fill-Rite DC Fuel transfer pumps give you the reiability and pumping power wherever you need it.  From portable use to tank and barrel mounting, 12 volt pumps make transferring fluids safe and trouble-free.



FILL-RITE HAND PUMPS: These pumps are tough and reliable and long-lasting.  They deliver fuel quickly and easily.  These trouble free performing rugged hand pumps are good for transferring gasoline, oil, diesel, even residual water from tanks.





FILL-RITE FUEL METERS: These mechanical and digital flow meters are designed to meet the demands of customers who need to monitor fuel usage accurately and dependably.



FILL-RITE ACCESSORIESAND REPAIR KITS: Fill-Rite has  nozzles, hoses and other acessories to accomadate your pump.  And if you have a pump go down they also have repair kits to fix our pump.